Tuesday, 12 July 2011

End of year fashion show.




So, my 2 years studying fashion and clothing has finally come to an end. Like every year it's time for the end of year fashion show. I wanted to create quite a gothic theme, and was inspired by animals, especially birds as the outfit I'm wearing for example a leotard with wings made from chiffon fabric cut in the shape of a feather for the wings of a bird. I stared making my garments quite late because i was behind with other work (surprise surprise). So it took me a week to make these 3 garments. Talk about leaving it last minute! But i finished it and it went down the catwalk which is all that matters. It was pretty crazy and stressful. And my model was ill a day before the show, luckily it fit me so i had to model instead but other than that it was amazing and I'd like to thank my amazing friends Alisa Clark and Hollie Gott for modeling my garments, and I'm so happy I've finished.