Tuesday, 23 February 2010


this is all about ripped tights. i love them, and think they are sooo sexy. its like marmite, either love it or hate it.

Monday, 15 February 2010

R.I.P Alexander Mcqueen

Sadly, One of my favourite fashion designers died this week (11th February 2010). He was well known for this dramatic designs, which were worn by mostly Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

He was found dead by his housekeeper. He died just days before the Fashion Week, which is very sad. Most people think his suicide was because days before his death, his mother died, and on his twitter, he was posting things like he had a bad week.
I will always love Alexander McQueens fashion and he'll always be remembered.
I especially loved how he brought back the 'skulls' into fashion instead of people thinking thats just a Halloween thing. Because i have a weird obsession with skulls, and ive got one of his scarfs which was inspired by him.

if you loved McQueen aswell, what did you like best about him?

Spoilt Myself Rotten - haul

well, were do i start, February has been a busy month using my debit card! So id like the share some of the bargains i got.
First of all, i really really really wanted an ipod (especially a purple one) because ive never had one before and im tired of using my crap phone. So i deiced to go on ebay and i bidded and won a purple ipod nano which was 16GB, for £54! YEAHBOY!
Secondly, ive been dieing for a nice pair of nike creps, and i've wanted this certain trainers for months but it was always sold out on pickyourshoes.com. so the months went on and i was strolling through town one day and saw them in a shop window, and instantly got them! im so happy. what destiny!
Also my mum deiced to go to the Nottingham Catel Market (spelling?) which is basically a market full of random things. looks abit like someones tipped someones house out and put everything for sale, and i ended up getting some amazing vintage items for my room, first a vintage mirror ive wanted for agers.
which was £5. yes i repeat five pounds! i fell in love at first sight!
Then i was just about to leave and something stood out, which was this beauty

its gorgeous, and i nearly died when the man told me the price, i was expecting it too be £50 and it was £5! so i got it before anyone else saw it! :) looks beautiful in my bedroom.

So overall, i am very pleased with the purchases this month