Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Week 6

Also we got told to do a shop report which is basically going to rival shops like Zara, River island, primark etc. and take photos of what they all have in store, and what price they are selling it for. Just so Topman have an idea of the competition. Whilst on these trips it's good to have a laugh and try on some funny accessories.

Final week i got told to go to spitafeilds market to have a look at some vintage clothes, It was pretty hard to get any photos seeing as they are really against photography and when if the owner isn't at the stall, they always have friends that watch out for them either side. We then went to the vintage shops like rocket, blitz, beyond retro etc. on brick lane, which was much easier to take sneaky photos. Whilst on our way to shops we stopped people who we thought Topman would like for their blog. 

Also the staff from the cutting room needed my help one day. The task was to get all the coat pattern pieces and put it on one long rail of paper and trace through so all the patterns are on one paper so they can photocopy it in the reprographics room. I enjoyed this because the time went fast and it was nice to be in a different environment.

On the last day me and Abida bought the staff some Krispy Kreme doughnoughts. (After searching round the whole of oxford street on our lunch break, only to find that it was in the small tesco right near work). We also got Ellie a big Milkybar chocolate bar because she treated us so nice, and she was not only someone to work for but she was a friend too. 
I had an amazing time at Topman and i hope to stay in contact with some of the people i've met.

Week 5

Miriam gave me a job to do black and white pattern repeat prints and aztec prints for iphone cases that they'd be making soon. These are a few designs i came up with. For the aztec prints, Miriam wanted me to use 4 colours because that's there maximum colour use they can use.

Day 15 and 16

Ellie gave me a task to design some hats and bags, she wanted some flat peaks with studs on the front so she told me to play around in Photoshop and design some hats, She also said she wanted a bag with wool/borg material, with a bright orange front pocket. It took me a while to make all these designs but Ellie was really pleased with them and sent them to her boss straight away. Hopefully they'll be in Topman soon.

Day 14

I got in the office and there wasn't really any work for me to do. Luckily Ellie saved the day by offering to take us to the Topman model store. Which is basically the clothes that everyone have been working on for the past few weeks or months. Its everything new that will be coming to the shops, from the shop layout to new makeup that will be in Topshop. It was good to see this because i didn't know all this hard work went on in High street shops. Its made me appreciate the store more for all the hard work they put into everything.

Day 13

These are some of the pages from magazines Mirian and Gemma brought back from Berlin, i had to photocopy them and also put them on the Indesign berlin pack.

11 and 12

Miriam and Gemma went to Berlin to get some inspo for Spring/Summer 13. When they came back Miriam gave me a task to sort out all the photos she and Gemma took and make a pack on InDesign. I really liked this take because i got to learn more about InDesign and i got some helpful keyboard shortcuts to use. I sorted out the pictures in Shirts, Bottoms, Knitwear, Accessories. And then Graphic text, and Graphic images etc.

Day 8, 9 and 10

My task was to photograph these boards and put them on photoshop so it could go in the trend pack. I ended up selecting each image and laying it out again because i didn't want it to be messy like the boards, so it took longer than i thought but Ellie was very pleased with it